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With our team of market leading specialists, Grosvenor DCR are ready to help your business in many ways. From resolving financial issues, to overcoming under performance and fund growth potential.

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Develop business growth, support decision making and company management development...
Cash flow management, developing financial KPI's, working capital management...
Goods and services billing, record keeping, VAT records, year-end accounts preparation...
Employee and agency payroll, self-assessment tax returns...
Review of debtors' ledgers, recovery planning and debt collection...
Succession planning, recruitment, staff performance, HR...
Website and email creation, market research, networking...

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Highly Skilled

Business Improvement Team

  • Case Studies

    • Task:Struggling restaurant, bar and club in dire financial difficulty.
    • Action:Inject financial support to stabilise organisation and create a marketing and training initiative to develop skill sets and abilities.
    • Result:Business stabilised within 4 months with a £1.75m turnaround in profit within 20 months.
  • Case Studies

    • Task:Bookbinders suffered a severe downturn in trade and didn't have the resource to gain and maintain new business.
    • Action:Introduced a sales and telemarketing team for lead generation, backed-up with a new website and an accurate business plan.
    • Result:Return to profit after 4 loss making years and 38 new contacts introduced in 2 months - all of which generated sales quotes.
  • Case Studies

    • Task:Commercial and domestic groundworks and resurfacing company faced growth pains after 15 years of trading.
    • Action:Relieve cash flow and re-establish bank confidence. Introduce relevant management skills and targeted sales and marketing strategy.
    • Result:Gained trust and support of major financial institutions and now looking to recruit additional personnel to expand the business further.

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We'll come into your business with a fresh eye and look at it objectively, always giving you honest opinions, great service and straightforward advice.


Each specialist in our business improvement team is skilled at quickly assessing risk, identifying problems and implementing new solutions.


We avoid the consultancy approach of simply telling your team what to do, but will roll up our sleeves and work alongside you to fix your problems.


If you choose to work with us, you'll gain the highest level of commitment to get your business and your finances back on track and sustain a profitable venture.

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