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Company Rescue Options

There can be light at the end of the tunnel. We know that when your company is struggling, it can be difficult to fully understand your options. Our experienced, knowledgeable team offer comprehensive director support to help you identify the reasons behind your financial difficulties. While realising that liquidation is unavoidable for some, other options are available for companies with a viable future.

Here is an overview of some of the corporate options that may be available to you.

Company Insolvency

When a limited company cannot pay its bills as they fall due, or the total of its liabilities is greater than its assets, it is said to be insolvent. Insolvency can happen very quickly, such as when the market changes or you lose a key customer, or it can take place over several years at a slower rate, that isn’t always noticed by those involved on a day-to-day basis. Our team can help you to assess the situation and create a strategy to move forward or, if the case may be, help to guide you through the process.

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)

When trading has to cease, and assets are disposed of for the benefit of creditors, your company can be closed in a managed way. This can reduce the stress and heartache and protect you from any personal liability. Our team of sympathetic staff offer a personalised approach to guide you throughout the process. No matter if due to tax planning, inability to pay debts or court disputes, we will always focus on making a liquidation self-funding, paid for through the sale of company assets.

Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL)

MVL means to formally close a solvent company. This option is commonly used in instances where Directors are retiring, groups are restructuring or when a company has no further purpose. When assets accumulate to over £25,000, it can also be an effective method for tax planning.

Administration & Pre-Pack Sales

Our experienced team specialise in the administration and pre-pack sale of companies and can help any business entering administration. Through the use of a pre-pack, a Director may be able to start the company again, writing off existing debts and saving jobs. It can be a difficult process, but our team can ensure the process is success. The pre-pack process is a legal minefield; however, our experienced team will make sure it is completed successfully.

Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA)

A common problem many companies face is trading while in an insolvent situation. No matter what caused the deficit, we will always help viable companies to recover. Company voluntary arrangements help companies focus on continuing to trade, making formal arrangements to pay creditors out of future profit, and can potentially write off and reduce overall debt. If the business has a future, a CVA may help any business continue trading and keep employees in work.

Services for Individuals, Sole Traders and Partnerships

A partnership or individually-owned business earns the right of privacy over the business’ financial affairs, but the owners are held personally liable for all the business debts and liabilities. This is fine when things are going well but, in the event, that a business takes a turn for the worse, it can lead to you losing all your assets. When this happens, formal procedures can be available to help you and the keep your business moving forward.

Voluntary Arrangements

Voluntary Arrangements are used to freeze business and personal debts providing the necessary breathing space to help you to get back on track.

Administration for Partnerships

This can be used to ring-fence a business and can provide a three-month window of time in which to examine the issues, work out solutions and come up with the best proposal for dealing with the insolvency.


We understand that personal bankruptcy is a difficult time. Our dedicated bankruptcy team are here to advice you on how best to proceed; listening to the situation and informing you on the best solution.

Although legally binding and a popular way of writing off large sums of debt, bankruptcy is not an ‘easy way out’. Having a personal insolvency team means that we will always look at the best possible alternatives to any bankruptcy, often a different solution can yield far better long-term results.


Moving Forward

Once we’ve helped to assess the situation of your business, we can start creating a Business Recovery Plan. This plan will accurately reflect the current standing of your company and help you to regain focus. It’s a great place to start if you feel your business is struggling. We’ll help you to examine every aspect of your business and implement an action plan talking through your company strengths and weaknesses and potentials for change.

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