Case Study: Restaurant


When we were approached by struggling restaurant, bar and club in dire financial difficulty who could not pay their bills, we knew we had to react immediately to ensure supplies continued.


As the company was losing seven figures per annum, our first task was to inject financial support to stabilise the organisation – allowing us to regain and win precious market share.

With the owner’s support, we created a marketing training training initiative that focused on coaching the existing management team to develop their skill sets and abilities. Our experts senior managers supported in gained the trust of the wider team by involving them in the greater decision-making process. As such, we were able to mutually agreed on a set of achievable goals to develop the efficient running of the business, plus optimised customer service and overall experience to ultimately improve profits.


We saw the potential of this project as a short and long-term investment – both financially and in the qualified and capable staff willing to make a positive difference to their company. Continuing to support the owner and the team ensured we were able to stabilise the business within four months – with a £1. 75m turnaround in profit within 20 months.

Best of all, we have helped cultivate and nurture a destination for hungry, thirsty and dance-loving customers who choose to return to the venue again and again.

Give your customers a decent meal and they’ll be satisfied for an evening; give your customers an unforgettable experience and you’ll have one of London’s most prestigious nightspots.