Case Study: Hotel


A family-led hotel chain with locations across the UK invited us to support them during a full restructure of their business. With over two-thirds of the group operating at a loss, it was having an impact on the directors’ abilities to invest time and money in the more successful parts of the organisation.


Our priority was to identify any issues on a more localised level, so we completed a comprehensive review of each hotel to establish the best way to move the business forward. By installing experienced regional management across the chain, we were able to work alongside the inter-house management team to improve service levels and margins, plus capitalise on marketing and sales opportunities.

As all debts were collected via a centralised function and support was given to manage cash flow, we were able to collectively focus on the customer and making them feel welcome – reassured that they had chosen the right hotel and would be inclined to stay at one of the companies hotels in the future.


Our successful handover to local landlords and continued support meant that we were able to turn the group’s performance around – trading at a profit again by month five.

By regionalising the marketing and sales efforts, customers are more likely to return to the hotels – putting the company in a favourable position as a reputable national chain, with the personalised service and knowledge of local hotel.

For a hotel in the 21st-century, business is no longer about you finding the customer – it’s more about the customer finding you.