Case Study: Fishing Company


When skipper of a fishing boat firm asked us to support the setup of his own fishing company, we instantly recognised his ability and determination to succeed.

Complementary to his skillset was his clear vision for the business: the company would have a small fleet, a possible processing plant, an efficient sales and distribution operation, plus direct access to top food outlets in South East England and Europe.


The big question of ‘how?’ this would all be achieved was preventing the new business from attaining the necessary financial and managerial backing.

Our first task was to channel this idea into a tangible business plan. As well as attracting potential investors, it also gave us a series of short and long-term objectives to keep momentum going and maintaining enthusiasm across the wider team.


This enabled us to obtain funding to purchase a fishing boat on his behalf and provide collateral support to get the company up and running.

We continue working closely with the fishing company to help achieve the dream.

Give a man a fishing boat and you increase his chances of catching fish; teach an entrepreneur how to realise his vision and you feed him for a lifetime.